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Beit Midrash
(House of Learning)

Dr. Grady L. Davis

Of Blessed Memory
Born on 17 August 1935
Graduated to the Olam Haba on 26 May 2008

Dr. Grady L. Davis
Dr. Grady L Davis
(Of Blessed Memory)

A large portion of the material in the sections on world religions and the cults was developed jointly by myself and my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Grady L. Davis, of blessed memory, and several of these articles are of his sole authorship and are published here with his kind permission. Over the years, Grady and I traded so many ideas and so many materials that it is hard to be sure which portions are his original authorship, which are mine, and which we developed together. The portions that are most easily understood are probably his; any errors are certainly mine.

Grady was my Major Professor at Bay Cities Bible Institute (now known as Bay Cities Bible College) in Berkeley, California, while I was studying toward an M.A. degree in Biblical Studies, and was the first (and only) instructor there with the audacity to give me a “B” on one of my exams.

In 1982 we both moved to Golden State School of Theology, where he served as Vice President and Chairman of the Department of Directed Individualized Studies (in which capacity I was privileged to serve a few terms as his Assistant Director), as well as my Faculty Advisor for my two doctoral programs (Doctor of Theology [Th.D.] in Cults and World Religions, and Doctor of Ministry [D.Min.] in Bible College Administration and Curriculum Development). During our time together at Golden State, Grady became one of the dearest friends of my life.

Originally from West Texas, Grady was a resident of California since 1957, and lived in Alameda with his wife of 35 years, Dolores Sanford Davis.

Over the years, Grady’s teaching experience proved to be quite diverse, ranging from work with kindergarten students in public schools to doctoral students in private universities. He held the following academic degrees: Bachelor of Science from West Texas State University, Bachelor of Divinity from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, Master of Christian Music from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, Master of Arts from San Francisco State University, and Doctor of Philosophy from University of Beverly Hills.

Having retired in 1990 after 30 years of teaching in the public schools, Grady continued to invest himself into the lives of countless children (and adults). Grady most recently served as the Minister to Children and Principal of Central Christian School at Central Baptist Church in Alameda, California.

Grady had extensive experience in ministry, having served on the staffs of churches in both Texas and California. He also served as chaplain and teacher for the California State Prison at San Quentin for 13 years. He used to delight his new Seminary students by telling them that he spent over 20 years in First Grade and 13 years at San Quentin.

Grady went to Glory to be with his Messiah on Memorial Day, May 26, 2008. He will be sorely missed until we meet again in the Olam Haba.

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